HOW To Reheat Risotto?

Do you savor the flavors of a good hot risotto? But, what do you do when you’ve made too much risotto and have a portion left over for the next day? 

How to reheat risotto while maintaining the same flavor and texture? In this article, we will show you several effective methods for reheating your risotto.

Choice of Risotto to Reheat

Before diving into the details of how to reheat risotto, it’s worth noting that not all risottos are equal when it comes to reheating. A simplistic risotto made with arborio rice, parmesan cheese and a bit of vegetables reheats much more easily. Risottos that contain seafood, meat, or delicate ingredients like mushrooms may require special care when reheating.

Using the Microwave: The Quick Solution

The most common way to reheat risotto is of course in the microwave, which is also the quickest option. To reheat your risotto in the microwave, you can arrange it in a suitable container ensuring there is enough space for an extra layer of liquid to help restore the creaminess of the dish. 

Preferably use broth or, if not, water. Then, simply run the microwave on medium power for a minute, gently stir the risotto, and reheat again if necessary.

The Pan: For a Creamier Risotto Texture

To recover a risotto with a texture closer to the original, the pan is an excellent option. To reheat your risotto in a pan, you will first need some stock (or water in its absence). 

Put a knob of butter or olive oil in the pan over medium heat, add the risotto and then the liquid gradually, as you did when initially cooking the risotto. This keeps the risotto creamy.

In the Oven: the Gentle Technique

The last method we will explore is the oven. Reheating in the oven is a slightly longer method, but has the advantage of producing a more even reheated risotto. 

To do this, put the risotto in an ovenproof dish, add a little liquid (stock or water) to prevent the risotto from drying out, cover the dish with aluminum foil and reheat it in the oven over low heat (150 -160°).

Optimize Risotto Reheating

Whichever method you choose to reheat your risotto, it’s important to give it time to reach the desired temperature and then stir it gently so the heat is evenly distributed. 

It will also be useful to regularly check the texture of the risotto to adjust the quantity of liquid if necessary.

It is possible that despite best efforts, reheated risotto may not quite reach the level of creaminess of the originally cooked risotto. 

You can solve this little inconvenience by adding a knob of butter or grated cheese before serving. This will help provide that extra flavorful texture that we love so much in a good risotto.

Now that you have all the keys to reheating your risotto like a pro, there’s nothing stopping you from making more of this delicious classic Italian dish.

Revisiting Cold Risotto

Finally, if you still have leftovers and you don’t want to reheat the risotto, why not reuse it in another recipe? For example, you can use cold risotto to make arancini, those famous Italian rice balls that are crispy and creamy inside. 

Leftover risotto can also be used in a rice salad or even to make a rice omelet. There are tons of ways to reuse risotto. The most important thing is to innovate and enjoy eating.

Next time you find yourself with a pot full of risotto, don’t worry. With these tips in your pocket, you are now well equipped to not only reheat your risotto but also to rethink risotto as an opportunity to experiment with new recipes.

Whether it’s the microwave, the pan, the oven, or simply reinventing cold risotto, there’s always a delicious way to enjoy risotto. 

So next time you make a pot of risotto, don’t hesitate to make a little more. You will surely be delighted to enjoy it in a new form the next day.

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